The Forgiveness Expert

Believer, Overcomer, Leader, Destiny grabber, yes I’m B.O.L.D! That’s what forgiveness has done for me.  I help women reveal their confidence by releasing their past and repossessing their lives with the power of forgiveness. 

Kyonna shares her encounter of four years in a prison cell and mental incarceration on stages across the nation to inspire and up lift.  Through Up Lift Women’s Alliance LLC she offers strategic solutions for women who lead to go from broken to B.O.L.D.  Kyonna has authored 7 books dedicated to healing and forgiving. She had developed short films based around the topic of forgiveness. 

She also, is the creator of The Healing Incubator Podcast.  As a serial-prenuer she also offers Fur-Giveness to pets.  Learning how their skin functions as a pet aesthetician I develop all natural healing therapies for your furry loved one.  From people to pets forgiveness is the key to life.