Girl, we both know you aren’t here by coincidence or accident. We both know you are ready to:
Get out the T.R.A.P. – TOXIC mindset. REJECTION. being AFRAID and in PAIN

Live as pure B.O.L.D. – Believer. Overcomer. Leader. Destiny-grabber.
Uplift Women Alliance is here for IT and for YOU. This community supports and equips women with personalized navigation to their destiny. A journey that begins with forgiveness, a topic often masked, buried deep. When ignored it builds up POWER to keep us stuck, comfortable in dysfunction or bitter. Time’s up for that! It’s time for self-discovery, repossession of your life and establishing authentic confidence.

You’ve already initiated the process. You are NOW connected to your help. So, go all in!
Click here (insert hyperlink). Schedule THAT call – 15 minutes that can CHANGE it all. You got that & we got you.

This community will give you:
The pathway to forgiveness
An exclusive private group serving as a sounding board platform
Encouraging messaging
An incubator for healing
Plus numerous opportunities for self development

UWA is led by Kyonna F. Brown aka the “forgiveness expert.” A woman on a mission to help other women discover purpose, create and build impact. She shares her path to a T.R.A.P-free life & living as pure B.O.L.D. as a motivational speaker, webinar & talk show host and author.

AND because we both know you are ready, Kyonna is:
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